How to Customise:
Refer to the checklist below and have these information ready to send us on Instagram:

1. Exact Wrist Measurement
Not sure how to get your wrist measurement? Refer to our size guide.

2. Decide the type of bracelet you would like
Choose between an elastic bracelet or a chain bracelet

3. Colour Scheme of your bracelet

4. Hardware Choice
Choose between 14k Gold Plated, S925 Silver, Silver Stainless Steel/Rhodium

5. Preferred Choice of Crystals (if any)

Don't know what crystals is best? Let us know your desired intentions and we will advise you to our best knowledge.

6. Budget 
Prices start from $45 onwards. Price will vary, depending on the crystals you have 

7. Reference Photos
Reference photos of the piece you would like to create would be helpful! 

*This guide is curated for the customisation of bracelets, if you wish to design your own necklace or other accessories, drop us a message on Instagram and we will advise you further from there

For measuring tips, click here.