Crystals for Beginners - 12 Stones you must have!

Crystals for Beginners - 12 Stones you must have!

Using your intuition to determine what appeals to you is the best method for selecting gems that will work for you. Your gaze may naturally go toward a particular crystal's shape or color, and occasionally the name or an internal connection may pique your interest when you learn of its potential for healing.

We recognize that selecting from the wide variety of crystals available can be difficult, which is why this introduction to the most well-liked crystals is helpful. We've selected a range of beginner-friendly crystals that are simple to obtain, kind to handle, and might be an excellent way to start collecting healing stones. The following are a some of the top crystals for novices:

1. Clear Quartz 

  • The master healer
  • Brings clarity and amplifies energy

You'll quickly see why clear quartz is at the top of our list of essential crystals for beginners. Clear quartz is often referred to as the Master Healer. Because of its pristine viewpoint, capacity to offer clarity, enhance vibrations, and improve self-esteem, clear quartz is one of the most well-liked stones. This quartz crystal is well-known for promoting spiritual development, dispelling negativity, and giving those who may be experiencing emotional instability long-term support and stability. Clear quartz is a powerful amplifier and also spring cleans your aura. It enhances the energy of the other crystals in your collection, making it an excellent addition.

2. Amethyst 

  • Nurtures calmness and contemplation
  • Helps with sleep

One stone you will undoubtedly recognize is amethyst. Visible and well-known for their association with the head chakra are the violet and purple quartz. Our greatest energy point, the crown chakra, is where we establish spiritual connections with higher planes of the universe. Don't worry if it all seems a bit too idealistic. Amethyst is also a stone that fosters introspection, mental clarity, and a perpetual sense of peace. It facilitates decision-making as well. Physically speaking, amethyst assists those who have trouble falling asleep by gradually quieting their minds, allowing them to sleep soundly. It also treats migraines and strengthens immunity. Amethyst is an excellent stone to start with if you're someone who needs peace and optimism.

3. Rose Quartz 

  • Encourages self-love
  • Deepens all kinds of relationships

Rose quartz is a lovely stone for beginners of all colors. It is supposed to help you develop a stronger sense of self-love. It is pretty in pink. This lovely stone opens the heart chakra. It increases your capacity for trust and unconditional love, dissolves walls that no longer serve you, and helps to heal previous scars. When we discuss love, we are referring to our entire range of interactions, not simply the passionate embrace of another person. This includes our self-care practices. The rosy glow of this crystal is a perfect choice for those who wish to focus on strengthening friendships, developing compassion, moving away from co-dependency, and honing their own self-soothing abilities.

4. Lapis Lazuli 

  • Clears the throat chakra
  • Encourages self-expression

Even though lapis lazuli is a member of the more esoteric crystal family, it's still a better beginning stone for people who wish to develop their innate intuition and possibly even psychic abilities. Throughout history, pharaohs, deities, and artists have cherished lapis lazuli, a stunning blue crystal. It has a calmness about it that encourages self-expression while also allowing you to be at ease in your own thinking. By aligning with the throat chakra, lapis lazuli facilitates our ability to speak our truth to the outside world. Clearing our throat chakra allows us to confidently and brightly express our requirements.

5. Carnelian

  • Connects to the root chakra
  • Rich in vitality

The Carnelian stone, drenched in colors reminiscent of sunsets, appears to arouse your entire being with just a glimpse. As a member of the Chalcedony family, carnelian is among the most exciting first stones you may find. When you are feeling low on energy, you should turn to carnelian because of its flaming oranges and reds; it will instantly boost your spirits. Rich in vigor, carnelian amplifies your physical energy levels in addition to bringing about mental clarity with its fizz and crackle effect. Similar to several red, hot stones, carnelian aligns with the root chakra and enhances our feeling of security and stability. The carnelian is a stone that sees you right, for those who wish to unleash their inner warrior.

6. Hematite

  • Famed for its protective powers
  • Known for courage

Hematite is a tougher stone with black and silver tones that can be used as a shield. In ancient Greece, there was a bit of a fascination with this iron-rich stone. They thought it could protect everyone—from warriors on the battlefield to women giving birth—and that it has amazing healing abilities. We now understand that hematite is a stone of strength. It firmly establishes us, awakens our survival instinct, and empowers us to summon the bravery to face all of our fears. Hematite is your guiding light to help you reach your goals, whether you require fortitude to overcome an addiction, cut out harmful individuals, find your voice, or push past your comfort zone.


  • Full of feminine power
  • Invites us to embrace change

Speaking of guiding lights, the power of the moonstone offers yet another breathtaking hint of well-being and hope. The soft pearly shimmer of moonstone is a must-have for anyone feeling the urge to have a very feminine gemstone in their collection. The bright Moonstone, regarded as a gemstone of internal vision, serves as a constant reminder that everything revolves around cycles, just like the phases of the mother moon in the sky, and that we must learn to move and adjust with these changes. Physically speaking, t is an excellent stone for people who wish to connect with their body wisdom and discover their own flow. It also aids in the treatment of many fertility and reproductive problems.

8. Black Obsidian

  • Helps with grounding
  • A truth seeker stone

Black obsidian, a deep and dreamy stone, is the protector of the realm and should be included in every beginner gemstone kit. This stone is ideal for empaths who require some shielding from negative energy and poisonous emotions, or who just desire a means of maintaining their sense of self and avoiding unpleasant vibes. Black obsidian not only shields you from harm but also helps you develop self-defense skills by aligning with your root chakra. Additionally, it is a truth-seeker stone that assists you in discovering your genuine pathways and peeling back the layers to reveal the essence.

9. Selenite 

  • Highly spiritual 
  • Brings clarity and vision

The Selenite gem is a saintly stone with angelic hues that shimmers and exudes silk and goddess energy. There are a few more names for this stone, including Satin Spar and Desert Rose. It is renowned for radiating tranquility, glowing with clarity and vision, and shielding your space and energetic fields. Energy-conducting stones like selenite can serve as powerful reminders that we are all capable of creating our own sacred spaces within our bodies, minds, and souls. It facilitates healthy insight and helps you let go of fears and anxieties quickly, allowing you to fully blossom into your lovely self. For individuals who wish to investigate routes into higher plains and relationships with other entities, selenite is also a great place to start.

10. Pyrite 

  • Protects against EMFs
  • Inspires confidence

Pyrite, which derives its name from the Greek word for fire, is also referred to as Fools Gold. Pyrite, which has an appearance similar to gold, is full of energy and is fantastic for warding off negative energy and electromagnetic fields. Pyrite is an excellent stone for enhancing one's emotional as well as physical fortitude and strength. It encourages people to rise above stale and melancholy emotions and helps them move toward confidence. Pyrite is a favorite among those who aspire to be leaders. It's a beautiful shimmering stone that helps restore the creative energy to the solar plexus and sacral chakras, as well as the light of long-lost dreams.

11. Black Tourmaline 

  • Creates a barrier against negative energy
  • Keeps you stable in body, mind and soul

Black tourmaline is a very potent warrior stone that may be used as an additional shield against electromagnetic fields. Carrying one around in your collection is like donning a protective cloak. You can bet that no bad energy will penetrate your forcefield when raw, boisterous Black Tourmaline is nearby. You can get grounded with this stone in a matter of seconds, and once our roots are anchored to the ground, we won't have to worry about outside forces trembling our foundations. This fact alone has the potential to greatly increase our power and maintain our physical, mental, and spiritual stability.


  • Brings luck and prosperity
  • Lends light and life

Everybody needs a little sunshine on their person, and luckily citrine's dazzling energy can brighten even the gloomiest of days. Citrine's other name, "merchants stone," pays homage to its good fortune and opulent wealth. This stone is going to give you all you need to succeed because it wants you to. First of all, its radiant warmth surrounds you with a sense of brilliance that gives you the courage to pursue all of your most ambitious goals. Having this stone nearby is also beneficial if you have chronic fatigue or any other condition that saps your energy. Citrine gives you all the optimism and brings light and life.


Your life could be changed by crystals. They exhort us to take care of ourselves, to be kind to ourselves, and to always travel with intention. Gemstones offer us a means of self-improvement and body, mind, and soul alignment. We applaud and send our best wishes for happiness on this amazing journey to everyone starting their crystal journey.

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